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By Bella Gucci, London Escort and Courtesan.

My name is Bella Gucci and I have recently moved to London from Rome to work in the City as a Russian translator for a firm of commodity brokers, it was an exciting environment and the money was pretty good too. I found the highly charged office atmosphere rather 'sexy' and although my colleagues were predominantly male the few women who did work there were gorgeous; being attractive, intelligent and always immaculately dressed.

To pay for my education through University, I worked as a high-class escort and courtesan for an international escort agency with offices in Rome, St.Petersburg & London and soon learned to spot the players′, the men who play the game in any organization. One of the men in particular, Martin, he was the account director, in his early forties I watched Martin around the Office, he had the respect of and authority over his colleagues.

I was naturally distressed, though not surprised to discover Martin was married to another City high flier, not that it stopped him from being friendly with me, in fact quite the reverse and I always think there is something about the confidence a married man has, especially one in his position that is so appealing. Initially I thought he was just being friendly because I was the 'new girl' but then I noticed he was a bit more intimate with me than the others, just little things like a touch on the arm or the way he smiled. I had not told anybody in the office but I think he had guessed that I had been an escort before.

After I'd been in London a month or so when at a senior partners 'promotion do' that proved to be the catalyst between Martin and myself, as we were all invited to visit the new office in Budapest, travelling on The Venice Simpson Orient Express the following day departing from Paris.The Orient Express is a train you can dress up on, in fact it's expected for dinner and I was not going to break with tradition.

The next day we all met at London St Pancras station on the first leg of our trip to Paris where we would catch The Orient Express later that afternoon. Once in Paris our steward showed us our cabins and we all had time to relax with a delightful afternoon tea. I unpacked and got ready for gourmet dinner that evening.

My black, velvet dress was just perfect and of course with Martin very much on my mind I donned my sexiest black lingerie underneath, the kind I've found that all men just love women to wear. I met Martin as arranged enjoying a glass of pre-dinner champagne at the bar we started chatting to a couple seated next to us, and struck up an instant rapport, and they both said how romantic it was travelling on the night sleeper across Europe. Our new friends asked Martin and I to join them for dinner, I was enjoying the company immensely and after a couple more glasses of champagne the conversation grew increasingly more intimate. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't have revealed so much but with the mood I was in and all the champagne I'd drunk I went into almost pornographic detail about my escorting life in Rome and time as an independent escort to businessmen around London and South East England, greatly arousing myself and my friends in the process.

'I can't believe I just told you that', I blushed once I'd stopped talking. 'But you are obviously a very hot and passionate woman', Martin whispered with a broad grin on his face. I felt my heart pounding as we got up from the table and returned to the lounge car for brandies. We drank our brandies in almost total silence and left the lounge car around midnight just as an impromptu party was getting under way. We walked along the swaying corridors, reaching my compartment first; I opened the door and switched on the light, hanging onto the door frame for support.

'That was a great evening', I said in a slightly slurred voice, there was another silence as we all looked at each other. 'Perhaps you like to . . . I was interrupted as Martin stepped forward and kissed me, I responded instantly giving him a passionate French kiss and as his lips moved down to kiss my neck I breathlessly finished my sentence . . . come in and fuck me!'

I just love being undressed by a man. Martin unzipped my velvet dress and slowly peeled it off me, sliding his hands all over my body as he did so. I lay there in my black lacy basque, sheer panties and lacy suspender belt with patterned stockings looking like a 2000 a night hooker. 'Fuck', he exclaimed again, as his fingers unclipped my basque, it fell away and his tongue darted onto my already hard nipples. I was in heaven as his tongue slowly moved down over my stomach. Martin's finger's peeled off my panties in readiness for its arrival. I began to moan loudly, no doubt alerting the entire train as to what was going on in my compartment,

I was more than ready and splayed my juicy labia invitingly for Martin, I sat back on the pillows and watched as his bloated helmet slid deliciously between my soft yielding lips, it looked so horny and felt delicious as he plunged his full length into me with one thrust. Martin lifted my legs to his shoulders and began pounding his fat cock into me with an animalistic lust. It felt good, so fucking good. Martin pulled out several times just to enjoy the sheer pleasure and he plunged back into my sopping snatch, sweat glistening on his brow and grunting with the effort of each thrust he was like a man possessed and he was driving me towards the orgasm of my life.

'Go on FUCK me harder!′ I yelled as his hips bucked into me like a jackhammer, the erotic squelching sound of wet sex filling the compartment. Martin was magnificent and my body shook and shuddered as my orgasm exploded deep inside me, he just carried on like some super porno stud fucking me for what seemed like an eternity until with a loud cry I felt his hot, creamy cum spurting deep inside my pussy, finally he pulled out, removed the condom, to spurt the last drops onto my splayed petals.

We still had three hours to go before dawn and I doubt the neighbours got much sleep as we explored the endless sexual pleasures possible between a women and a man.

Bella Gucci xxx

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Any fantasy scenarios contained in this story are purely that; they do not constitute any form of contractual obligation. I do not engage in any unlawful acts and reserve the right not to enter into any arrangement with those whom I reasonably believe to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.